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The experience of becoming a motorcyclist was full of revelations, but two things surprised me most.

The first was this sport’s sense of community. Any time you meet another rider, anywhere on Earth, they’re immediately your brother or sister, and you are theirs. Even in a world as tribal as motorcycling can be, what unites us remains far bigger that what makes us different.

The second is that under almost every helmet, it turns out there is a philosopher. It’s amazing how easy it is to get riders talking about why they do this and what it brings to their lives, amazing how much riding means to us.

TML aims to celebrate that. You won’t get much travel advice, here, or learn how to fix anything. But you will meet riders just like you who are willing to share something about why they love to ride. And I hope that will make you enjoy your motorcycle life even more.

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Which brings us to the end of… Season 1?

This Motorcycle Life is taking an open-ended break from releasing new episodes. It’s been one of the great privileges of my life to be able to tell these stories for the last seven years, but... Read More
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Episode 54 – The Nicest People

Would you ride with me? Should I ride with you? What does it take to be a great riding companion, or even know one when we meet one? Meet Bubba Eisenhauer, a former US Army... Read More
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Episode 53 – The Purple Motorcycle

Do women experience motorcycling in their own way? Meet lori lozinski, a Canadian filmmaker and feminist whose own motorcycle life answers that question with a passionate ‘yes’. Using her personal journey as a template, lori... Read More
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Episode 52 – Coyotes

Who on earth would ride a motorcycle in a city like New York? Meet Brian Lau, a gifted young photographer who set out to document Gotham’s vibrant motorcycle scene in search of an answer. Despite... Read More
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Episode 51 – The Gift

Every new rider is somebody’s kid, but what if that new rider is your kid? There’s no more emotionally complicated moment in a motorcyclist’s life than the day their offspring gets a motorbike of their... Read More
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Episode 50 – One Light

Why does motorcycling inspire so much creativity in the people who do it? From true artists to passionate amateurs, something ineffable about these machines compels many of us, including this podcaster, to share the ride... Read More
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Episode 49 – Those Who Wait

What drives motorcycling’s late bloomers? Are mid-life bikers trying to turn back the clock, or is there some wisdom in putting on that helmet just when life is getting comfortable? Meet Catherine Meade, who jumped... Read More
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Episode 48 – Don Quixote

How can we find goodness in a world gone mad? Obviously, the answer is on a motorcycle…  just maybe not the way you think. Meet Harold Serrano, a kid from New Jersey who’s begun a... Read More
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Episode 47 – The Chief

How do you pass on your love of motorcycles to the people who matter the most?  Sometimes, the answer is a motorcycle. Meet Larry Gibson and grandson Eric Clingenpeel, two of four generations to own... Read More
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