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The experience of becoming a motorcyclist was full of revelations, but two things surprised me most.

The first was this sport’s sense of community. Any time you meet another rider, anywhere on Earth, they’re immediately your brother or sister, and you are theirs. Even in a world as tribal as motorcycling can be, what unites us remains far bigger that what makes us different.

The second is that under almost every helmet, it turns out there is a philosopher. It’s amazing how easy it is to get riders talking about why they do this and what it brings to their lives, amazing how much riding means to us.

TML aims to celebrate that. You won’t get much travel advice, here, or learn how to fix anything. But you will meet riders just like you who are willing to share something about why they love to ride. And I hope that will make you enjoy your motorcycle life even more.

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Episode 43 – This Is Us

What is a motorcyclist? And are we really as different as we feel under our helmets? Meet documentary photographer David Goldman, whose continuing odyssey to document our community might just be the most ambitious attempt... Read More
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Episode 42 – Daring Greatly

Is dirt riding as good for us as everyone says it is? Meet retired NHL power forward Scott Thornton, whose transition from life in professional hockey began in earnest with a ride in the woods.... Read More
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Episode 41 – Horse And Train

Is progress costing motorcycles their souls? Not if we do it right. Meet Nashville recording engineer and avid rider Chris Mara. In his business, the war between the analog past and the digital future was... Read More
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Episode 40 – The Worst That Could Happen

What if one terrible moment on a motorcycle took away almost everything that mattered to you? Would you ride again? Meet Omar Petralis, who’s lived through exactly that nightmare. His answer might amaze you… or... Read More
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Episode 39 – Chasing Demons

Are endurance motorcyclists crazy? Iron Butt riders call themselves “the world’s toughest,” so you know there’s more going on here than long hours in the saddle collecting gas receipts. Meet Rick Muhr, an overnight convert... Read More
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Episode 38 – Thunderstruck

If you had to do it again, how hard would you fight to have a motorcycle in your life? Meet Angie Sandow, whose mid-life return to riding faced her with every obstacle you can imagine,... Read More
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Episode 37 – Eye Of The Beholder

Are motorcycles beautiful? What is it about the sight of our bikes that sets our hearts on fire all over again every spring? Meet Amy Shore, an avid rider and automotive photographer who has made... Read More
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Episode 35 – The Edge Case

Are motorcyclists really adrenaline addicts? Meet Axe DeKruif, the ultimate edge case. After a lifetime of chasing adrenaline highs with anything on wheels, Axe decided to scratch that itch once and for all by doing... Read More
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