Do women experience motorcycling in their own way? Meet lori lozinski, a Canadian filmmaker and feminist whose own motorcycle life answers that question with a passionate ‘yes’. Using her personal journey as a template, lori has explored on film the particular magic that brings women and motorcycles together, and the special freedom that comes with that union. Two films into a trilogy on this theme, she’s just getting started. A provocative conversation about her work, motorcycling’s joyful sisterhoods, and how the reason women choose this life shines a light on one thing no rider should ever take for granted. (Warning: This interview includes discussion of suicidal feelings)

Show Notes

I hope you found my breathless endorsement of What3words as interesting as discovering it was for me. It really is a brilliant way to navigate people to any unaddressed location for any reason, but I was especially struck by the difference it could make in an emergency situation. The app is free in all the usual places, and you can learn more about the organization and what it does here and here. Without implying any sort of endorsement of the Triumph brand, I thought they did a very good job of explaining how it works, and you can see that article here. What3words also welcomes community advocates. If you’re so inspired, find out how you can help spread the word here.

Although the tone and message of this conversation are positive, there is a brief discussion about suicidal thoughts which may upset some listeners. If you are in crisis or need mental health support of any kind, this global index of services is a good place to find what you need.

There might be those who wonder what a man – me, in this case – is doing even having a conversation like the one in this episode, much less how I could ever hope to understand what I was hearing. Fair enough. For me, though, and I hope for you, there was immeasurable hope and joy in the fact that motorcycles provided more than enough common ground to be a basis for trust between us. I wish the whole world worked this way.

lori lozinski in her happy place. Photo courtesy of Kristine Cofsky.

lori’s (the missing capital L isn’t a typo) bona fides as a filmmaker are impeccable. You can read more about her work and impressive accomplishments in her bio, which you’ll find on Violator Films‘ web site. If you want to say hi on Instagram, she’s @elle_dee_elle

To get the most out of this episode, it’s worth your time to watch lori’s recent short film, ‘A Motorcycle Saved My Life’. It’s available on Canada’s National Film Board web site, right here. And our dear old CBC distributes her earlier film, ‘The Pilgrimmage’, from their site here (international viewers may have to watch it here).

On location for A Motorcycle Saved My Life, with one of its stars. Photo: lori lozinski

lori at work, and in charge. Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Guardian

And, of course, the wonderful Gloria Steinem anecdote that gave this episode its name is not to be missed. I have not read ‘My Life on the Road‘, but a motorcycle story might just be the bait I needed to add it to my list.

The best place to learn about The Litas is from the organization itself, whose web site is here. As women have become a bigger and more transformative force in motorcycle culture, I think one of The Litas’ greatest contributions to that culture has been to claim their narrative… along with being a fascinating experiment in how to be a collective without being a club. Much respect to Jessica Wise and her team for remaining on mission as the idea has grown beyond all borders and imagining.

Many thanks to MacKenzie Porter and the keen folks at Big Loud Records for being so helpful and enthusiastic about sharing this track. You can learn more about MacKenzie at her web site, which is here, and that’s also how you can find out where to see her performing live. ‘Chasing Tornadoes’ is available for purchase on Apple Music, which is where I bought it, and you can of course stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever else you like to get your riding jams. You’ll find all her social feeds on her web site, too.

As always, the theme music for this episode was arranged and performed by Harry Bartlett. Harry released a new album back in December, I believe his first. You should give it a listen.

If you’d like to help keep This Motorcycle Life podcasting, be sure to visit the ‘Support’ page on this site. My heartfelt thanks to the few but generous folks who have already done so. And finally, a nudge to scrounge up a few bucks from the couch cushions and make a contribution to the Movember Foundation in the name of this podcast… just click on the moustache below. They could use all the help you can give, and you’ll be letting me know how much you value this content. Thank you!

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