Thanks for checking out the store page. TLDR version: You can start shopping right away by clicking on the TML button below.

There are costs to producing this podcast, and after giving it some thought, I’ve decided to try selling merchandise as a way to recover some of those. I never really seriously considered Apple’s new monetization platform, because I want this content to stay free. And I already ask you to donate to Movember, so a Patreon didn’t seem right. But if you find a t-shirt or a coffee mug you like and decide to treat yourself, well, that will help me out.

By clicking below, you’ll be sent to the TML store on a platform called TeePublic, who offer this merchandise service to podcasters. They seem to be reasonably conscientious about sourcing, they guarantee their products, and they’ll handle the shipping and payments more professionally than I ever could. I thought the prices seemed pretty reasonable, too. As a result, my take is smaller, but it’s simple for me, and a better experience for you.

Click that big TML button, let me know what you think of the merch or if you have ideas for other items I can add, and thank you!