Thanks for checking out the ways you can support This Motorcycle Life! There are some costs to producing this podcast, and I’ll gratefully accept all the help you can offer. Here are two ways you can be part of keeping TML on the air:


Because of my irregular publication schedule, I’ve decided to offer a direct PayPal link rather than use a subscription platform like Patreon. Click on the TML button below, and you’ll be taken to an official PayPal page. Give what you want, you don’t have to sign up for anything, and because only PayPal will see your information, you can use a credit card if that’s more convenient.

A heads-up… you’ll see ‘Donate to Robert Philp’ when you land on this page. Don’t worry, that’s me.


Buy Podcast Merch

Clicking on the stylish t-shirt below will take you to the TML page on TeePublic, where there are a few natty branded items to choose from. I chose TeePublic because their prices seem great, the product is pretty good (I have a couple of Ts and a hoodie, all standing up pretty well), and their fulfillment and customer service are excellent. I get a small percentage of the sale on every item, which is fair enough considering they do all the work. If you see something else on TeePublic you think would look great with a TML logo, let me know!