The most awkward dance in a motorcyclist’s life is the one we have with our perceived limits. Meet world class adventure rider Jocelin Snow, who thinks it’s often ourselves who make that dance so difficult. From the steppes of Mongolia to her own back yard, Jocelin’s life has been a call to adventure, and her work has been to empower everyone who hears it with the skills to go. By turns funny and inspiring, this conversation dares us to believe that the key to the freedom is believing in ourselves, and the only map we need is an open mind.

Show Notes

Jocelin Snow, in a rare helmet-less moment. Photo: Jacob Jun

At the top of the show, I mentioned Jon Delvecchio and his book Cornering Confidence. Jon, who is a listener, reached out to new rider Neale Koumbiadis with some coaching help after my last episode, which I thought was amazing. He wasn’t looking for any credit, but I figured I’d give him some anyway. Here‘s his web site, and if you’re looking for a way to spend a few snowy evenings, I highly recommend his online cornering course.

It’s a dangerous business quoting a well-loved poem like ‘The Road Not Taken,’ especially without the necessary education. You can read that poem here, and then follow the link to the very smart analysis from which I borrowed my conclusions.

Jocelin Snow, v.1 Photo: Jocelin Snow

Jocelin has been interviewed many times since her triumph at the GS Trophy. I first heard her name from fellow podcasters, Motorcycles & Misfits, who have had her on the show more than once. Of all the interviews I’ve read, this one is probably the best, covering much of the same history but with some great additional detail.

BMW must have had to pinch itself when it discovered a rider with Jocelin’s talent and personality already piloting its big GS. She pointed out, of course, that she’s not under contract to anyone, but it’s pretty clear from this profile – which includes more about the GS Trophy – that BMW Motorrad must be her biggest fan.

Jocelin at the turnaround point of her 30-day, life-changing blitz to Alaska. Photo:

Still on the GS Trophy, here‘s a bit about the event in New Zealand in early 2020, which managed to squeak in just before the doors to the world slammed shut last year.


Jocelin Snow, v.2 Photo: Christopher Scott, @cscott_photo

Jocelin ‘playing’ at her ranch. Photos: Christopher Scott, @cscott_photo

Also early in 2020 came the announcement that the North East Back Country Discovery Route was open, and that it had been the subject of a film in which Jocelin was featured. This is the trailer for that film. Tell me it doesn’t want to make you pack up your bike and get into some trouble…

Jocelin Snow has a web site of her own, although she told me that it was long overdue for some updating (I can’t imagine what else she’s been doing with her time). Here it is anyway, because the photos stories are awesome. And if you want to take her up on her invitation to connect on Instagram, she’s @jocelinsnow . And here‘s a shortcut to her YouTube channel.

Many thanks to Mariagrazia Canu, Fabio Zaffagnini and Rockin’ 1000 for being an enthusiastic part of this episode, and showing us nothing is impossible. You can learn more about their story and what happened since that magic day in Cesena here. “Learn to Fly” is available on iTunes, and streamed widely. But you absolutely must start by watching the video of that first track being recorded. Sorry, I think I have something in my eye…

And as always, the theme music for this episode was arranged and performed by Harry Bartlett.

Finally, a nudge to scrounge up a few bucks from the couch cushions and make a contribution to the Movember Foundation in the name of this podcast. They could use all the help you can give them, and I’ll know you value this content. Thank you!

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2 comments on “Episode 34 – The Road Less Traveled, A Conversation With Jocelin Snow

  1. Bruce, I religiously follow each of your episodes. This was one of my favorites. Not only because I’m a woman rider, but the similarities between Jocelin’s story and mine are remarkable. I saved up for that first motorcycle after a woman pulled into my family driveway when I was 13 years old with not a clue what it was all about but thought I needed to do that.

    I followed the GS Trophy and seriously considered a video the first year they allowed women but just couldn’t pull it off. My first bike was delivered to my driveway and I looked at it and said to myself — now what am I going to do with this thing? (Motorcycle Riding Classes here we come).

    All of these things obviously strike a chord with me – and the fact that I just turned 56 and am more passionate than ever. Rawhyde training in CA two years ago on the 1200 GS – and that very special bond we all have is a gift most people do not understand until they experience what we love so very much. Winter months just waiting, dreaming and planning our next trips.

    Thank you for having that perfect voice for podcasting (yes this is really important). In this current state of our world I appreciate having your episodes to turn back to, and some day I’ll find that guy that can keep up with me and help me pick up that 450 lb bike! (Maybe an episode – for ADV/motorcyclists?)

    Columubus OH

    • Hey, Doreen,
      Thank you for the kind words. I never set out to make this podcast ‘important’, so it’s really brought me up short to hear from people who are getting something extra out of it right now. I really appreciate you letting me know… it’s a strong motivator!

      As for Jocelin, I am a sucker for courage wherever I find it, and regardless of whether it is applied to something great or small. She has that, along with a sense of humour and disarming self-awareness. All I had to do was let her talk. I hope her story resonated for a lot of people. I wish I was more like her.

      And yeah… isn’t it awesome to be ‘mid-life’ and still experience passion like this? We’re lucky. Enjoy your winter dreaming, and best wishes for a brilliant season ahead.


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