What if one terrible moment on a motorcycle took away almost everything that mattered to you? Would you ride again? Meet Omar Petralis, who’s lived through exactly that nightmare. His answer might amaze you… or it might not amaze you at all. Either way, Omar’s story is dramatic proof of the deep hold motorcycles have on the people who ride them, and of how resilient our passion can really be. A raw and difficult conversation about facing the specter that haunts us all, every time we ride. A warning that this interview includes some graphic and emotionally intense moments.

Show Notes

Given the nature of Omar’s story, the show notes for this episode are brief. When he returns from Newfoundland, I’ll see if he has some photos to share from the trip and, if he does, update this page. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, a very important erratum: I said a couple of times that the crash occurred on the Trans Labrador Highway. That is not the case. Although Omar, Linda and Chris had just ridden that road, the accident took place on Provincial Route 430. My sincere apologies for getting this important detail wrong.

Omar turned to his community soon after the crash, seeking support and understanding and, incredibly, offering them comfort. It leaves a powerful record of ‘the worst that could happen’ that’s infinitely more real and human than any news story could be. If you’re interested in following that intimate record, here are a few places to look:

This is a discussion thread on GTA Motorcycle that begins with Omar planning that 2017 trip, and then the sudden, tragic turn it took, in what somehow feels like real time. A useful reminder, maybe, of how suddenly fate can assert itself.

In the aftermath, another thread on the same site, eventually joined by Omar himself. One of many testaments his story makes to the power of our community.

And here is the ADVRider thread discussing Omar’s breakdown during his summer, 2021 pilgrimmage to the crash site. In our discussion, Omar promised a trip report, and ADVRider seems like a good place to watch for that. Be sure to check both the Canada page and the Trip Reports forum.

If you want to say hello, Omar’s social media handle is @oomis on GTAM, ADVRider and Instagram (probably also Facebook, which I’ll confirm).

A Yamaha Niken, the bike that stole Omar’s heart. Having seen it in the flesh, I officially retract my original opinion. I now love all motorcycles.

Many, many thanks to the brilliant Fortunate Ones for being so supportive of including “The Bliss” in this episode. I sorely wish that I could have explained to them just how perfect it was, and that they would be standing in as ambassadors for Newfoundland’s generous spirit… emails, unfortunately, don’t lend themselves to long stories. Fortunate Ones are Catherine Allan and Andrew O’Brien (that’s them in the photo below), from St. John’s, Newfoundland. To my unschooled ear, they strike a fresh and wonderful balance between contemporary folk music and the deep roots of the amazing place they call home. They make me want to go back, and I’m thrilled to have their music in my library. You can learn more about them here, and you can either buy their music – as I did – or find out how to stream it by visiting this page.

Photo: Vanessa Heins

As always, the theme music for this episode was arranged and performed by Harry Bartlett.

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4 comments on “Episode 40 – The Worst That Could Happen

  1. Today I cried out my route to work in the morning. Some can say it was just too much dust in the eyes. But I share more honest moments with you guys. I am deeply touched and feeling blessed to have the chance to share these emotions and thoughts during the time you talked together. This talk, kept me thinking about the fragility of life, body, and soul of the human being. I am full and deeply focused on Omar and his life story. Having his words, sadness, and his message to word in my heart. Want to keep these sad but beautiful feelings with me, to be as good person as I can to be humble, kind and to be here and now in the moment of life. Thank you for your message, sending smiles, hugs, and waves from the Czech Republic, where you lighted at least one person, to be more aware. Thank you both.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this, Jay. Right up until the moment I published this episode, I worried that people might not want to be faced with this question so forcefully. I should have known better… ride safe, my friend.

  2. Chip Bishop Aug 11, 2021

    Bruce and Omar –
    I just switched from listening to the “Clevelandmoto Podcast” (their antics always leave me scratching my head haha) to your latest episode on my way in to work. Three minutes in and I have tears streaming down my face….Already I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH for sharing this story! I will have to wait until I have a minute to compose myself to finish this.
    Thank you guys…and ride safe my friends!

    • Thank you for this, Chip. I’m really happy that sharing this story has had some value for people. Not that I don’t also enjoy a little motorcycle goofballery in my diet, too… Cleveland Moto is one of the granddaddies of motorcycle podcasts, and Phil is a national treasure. But stories like Omar’s make me grateful to be part of all this.

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